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Search Engine Optimization can increase your web visibility through the utilization of various techniques that improve your site ranking on any number of search engines. Search engines employ programs that browse the World Wide Web looking for new websites and up dated data to copy for later indexing. These programs that crawl along the web are usually called “Web Crawlers” or “Spiders”. Search Engine Optimization can change certain aspects of your website, shaking the web so to speak, to catch the interest of those spider programs.

In the world of online marketing, visibility through strong positioning or the lack thereof can make or break a business. Your product or service might be the most economical or amazingly revolutionary, but that will not make a bit of difference to your bottom line if the consumer cannot locate your website.

The World Wide Web is unbelievably enormous and in a constant state of flux. This makes it extremely difficult for the spiders to locate desirable content to cache for their indexes. To overcome this characteristic, each program operates under a strict set of rules that help it determine which URLs are noteworthy. These rules tell the spider program to look for particular characteristics that the search engine can use to provide the best and quickest result for the search engine user. Each search engine will base its rankings on individual requirements but there are common features that can be remodeled to make a site more attractive to a spider.

Although search engines go to great lengths to keep their ranking policies and procedures secret, there are several issues that undeniably typify the makeup of any highly ranked website. Most web crawlers look for the amount of additional sites that link to an URL, the current popularity of the site or the relevancy of its content or URL. These are web and design aspects that respond well to Search Engine Optimization and can be tweaked by a designer or programmer to attract the attention of a search engine web crawler.

Our Toronto based Search Engine Optimization experts understand how search engines work and can develop a marketing strategy that will build a strong web presence right into your site from the source code and up. Site design, the accessibility of your menus or the uniqueness of your content are areas that an optimizer will look at and perhaps adjust in an effort to increase your website ranking. Website searches are not just about textual context either. Animation, video, image and audio searches can be optimized as well. With the right kind of title or address, users will find your company logo, web site animation or product theme song at the top of the window when the requested search loads in.

A high ranked search engine position is an invaluable tool for exposure. A highly ranked site that operates within the parameters determined by the spider program rules and search engine server indexing will continue to perpetuate its positioning. Search Engine Optimization is a process designed to move your website into the upper tiers of that search engine window and then keep it there.

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