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Dreiden SEO offers customized SEO services for small, medium and large businesses. Our SEO Consultants offer search engine optimization packages to fit a variety of clients’ needs. Using our knowledge and experience to improve all aspects of your web site, and to make it search engine friendly. Whether you require link building, on page search engine optimization or SEO Consulting, our expert consultants can help. Click here for a SEO Evaluation of your website.

Our typical Full Service SEO package contains the following phases:

SEO Site Analysis:
The SEO site analysis service is designed to provide the client with a snap shot of the current website and its search engine friendliness. This SEO service includes Link Analysis, search engine spider simulator and SEO analysis document which includes a detailed report on the current status of your Web site, covering all aspects, including: content, structure, inbound and outgoing links, quality and relevance.

SEO Benchmarking:
Whenever dealing with SEO, it’s important to have a reference point to compare to. The SEO benchmarking phase allows us to examine current trends of the website users, existing strong key phrases and referring sites. Having a solid benchmark also provides you with a simple way to track the progress and success of the campaign.

Competition Analysis:
The Competition analysis includes the study of the SEO techniques, Meta data and the link popularity of your competitors. This service is a good starting point in the keywords research process. By defining the keywords and the link partners of your competitors, we are able to map a strategy to be used for improving link popularity and ranking of your web site.

Keyword Research:
Keyword research can be single most important element of any SEO campaign. The SEO Consultant will work with you in order to identify the keywords and phrases that will help bring you high quality traffic. We make sure that you rank high for the keywords and phrases that are relevant for your business.

Web site Architecture and code modifications:
A strong factor in determining the “search engine friendliness” of a website is the structure and code of the web pages. Code errors, incorrect use of tags, mislabeled images and too much JavaScript can hinder the ranking of your web site. As part of this SEO service, we analyze your web site structure, navigation, code and make recommendations to make it more search engine friendly.

SEO Friendly Copy writing:
The content of your web site determines its relevance to the keywords of your business. Various factors, like keyword prominence, keyword frequency, word count, keyword placement all need to be considered while writing an optimized copy for search engines. Finding a balance between writing for search engines and users is the key to relevant content.

Improving Link Popularity:
Dreiden SEO will help you improve your link popularity in your relevant business category. Algorithms used by Search Engines give a lot of importance to both quality and relevance of inbound links to your web site. Simply put, the more quality inbound links you pointing to your web site, the better it is for your search engine ranking.

Monthly SEO Reports:
We understand that Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process, and maintaining good search engine ranking is just as important as achieving it. For the duration of the campaign, we submit monthly ranking reports and progress reports on your web site.

Our full serve Search Engine Optimization packages are designed for individuals and companies who are serious about their online business. Dreiden SEO Consultans understand search engines and know how to get the results you want. We work with you at every stage of the project to make sure we understand your business goals and can properly advise you.

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